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Artist Robert Douglas Hunter was a 20th-century American painter renowned for the color and structural precision of still-life images and for his landscape palette and composition. His stylistic versatility, drawn from French atelier instruction, epitomized what became known as the Boston School, the area where he studied and worked.

Robert Douglas Hunter's paintings of still-life images, largely comprising of oil-on-canvas tablescapes of plates, jars, and vessels, have a photographic quality. As an artist, Robert Hunter Douglas was a master at capturing the reflection of light off surfaces and of images in metallic objects. Robert Douglas Hunter's artwork for sale includes signed still-life and landscape paintings, and many of his works are in the permanent collections of a diverse range of U.S. museums, from the Cape Cod Museum of Art to the Maryhill Museum in Washington state. You can find a diverse array of still-life paintings for sale at Invaluable and at auction.
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