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Artist Peter Hurd was celebrated for his egg temperas, watercolors, and lithographs depicting New Mexico landscapes and portraits. Peter Hurd's paintings portray the open plains of the southwest, where he lived with his wife Henriette and family. He often rode his horses through the plains where he would get inspiration for his art, creating vibrant scenes of the prairie life of the West. He studied under N.C. Wyeth, who would eventually become his father-in-law.

Peter Hurd's prints include those he undertook in the 1940s as an illustrative correspondent for LIFE magazine. Most of these Peter Hurd paintings done while a correspondent now hang in the Pentagon. The series for LIFE magazine was of U.S. Air Force bomber pilots and were also shown at the National Gallery in Washington. You'll find landscape paintings for sale at auction, depicting everything from the sweeping vistas of the Great Plains to the charmingly tended walled gardens of Victorian England.
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