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Sold at Auction: Robert-Gemmel Hutchison

Alias:Robert Gemmell HutchinsonR. Gemmell HutchisonRobert Gemmel HutchisonRobert Gemmell Hutchison


Artist Robert Hutchinson, born in 1855, was a Scottish landscape painter tied indirectly to the Glasgow School movement, proponents of natural realism and plein air landscape painting. Robert Hutchinson's paintings of seascapes and dune-swept shorelines often comprise scenes of joyous, playful children.

Artist Robert Hutchinson painted in both oils and watercolors, often using muted tones and always emphasizing the effects of light on the overall atmosphere of the scene. His oil landscapes, in particular, are reminiscent of the Impressionist style, with broad brush strokes using impasto style texturing.

Robert Hutchinson artwork for sale may include genre scenes of cottage life, both indoors and out. His landscapes are highly sought after, and many hang in the Manchester City Art Gallery, Royal Society of Art, and the Walker Art Gallery. You can find other vintage landscape paintings for sale at auctions and galleries to broaden your personal art collection.
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