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Sold at Auction: Robert Indiana

Alias:Robert Clark


Although artist Robert Indiana is best known for his LOVE sculpture, he also produced an extensive number of prints and paintings. In fact, the 1970 LOVE sculpture is based on a painting produced for the Museum of Modern Art's 1965 Christmas card. In 1977, Indiana created a Hebrew version using the word "Ahava," and, in 2008, a similar piece titled HOPE. He donated the proceeds from reproductions of this image to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. After the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, using his skills as a painter, Robert Indiana created 18 pieces he called The Peace Paintings.

Many excellent reproductions of Robert Indiana's contemporary artworks for sale are available via the Internet and various galleries. Collectors who appreciate artist Robert Indiana's work will find other popular contemporary prints for sale by established and upcoming artists through Invaluable.
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