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Sold at Auction: George (1825) Inness

Alias:George Innes (1825)George Inness Sr.


Artist George Inness (b.1825) was a renowned American landscape painter, working largely in oils on canvas. He combined artistic sensibility with a designer's calculation, studying at the National Academy of Design and admiring the work of Hudson River School artists. George Inness' paintings also progressed from an early Barbizon style of depicting nature as it actually existed to a more Tonalist, symbolic rendering of nature based on the philosophy of Swedenborg.

As an artist, George Inness painted panoramic landscapes whose composition is precise and the color is rich. George Inness' prints of landscapes, particularly giclee on canvas, are highly desired as focal points or accents for interior design.

Original George Inness landscapes hang in prestigious museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and are highly prized by collectors, as are other landscapes in the manner of Inness. Find other sought-after landscape paintings offered online at Invaluable.
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