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Isaiah Nagurrgurrba


DOB: 1969
Born: Oenpelli
Community Injalak Arts and Crafts Association
Language Bininj Kunwok - Kunwinjku

Isiah Nagurrgurrba is a screenprinter who has been working with Injalak Arts since 1989. He is an important member of the Gunbalanya Community and is actively involved in the ceremonial life and traditional culture of this community. His country is Marikawa south east of Oenpelli and his major Djang or Dreaming story is Yawk Yawk or female water spirits, mythological spirit beings that closely resemble the European notion of mermaids.

Isiah produces designs for tour buses in Australia and Germany and is licensed as a Yijan artist.

His work has been shown in Perth and Darwin and he was a finalist in the 1998 annual Telstra Aboriginal Art Awards, one of the most prestigious Aboriginal art awards in Australia.

He was participated in several group exhibitions in various parts of Australia.

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