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Sold at Auction: Alexander Young Jackson

Alias:Alexander Y. JacksonAlexander Young (A.Y.) Jackson
Landscape painterNaval painterIllustratorLithographer


Born in 1882, Canadian artist Alexander Young Jackson began working at a Montreal lithography company when he was 12 years old. In 1905 he traveled to Europe and was influenced by Impressionism, leading him to seek study under Jean-Paul Laurens in Paris. Alexander Young Jackson paintings focus on nature, and were created with rich color palettes that changed with the seasons.

Not limited to galleries and auctions, Alexander Young Jackson artwork can be found in Canadian military archives. After enlisting in the Army in 1914, Jackson was wounded, becoming a war artist for the Records Department as a result. Moving around Canada, he painted landscapes and seascapes of every region in the country. Multiple Alexander Young Jackson paintings depict his favorite spots along the St. Lawrence River. You can find other artists who love the water by viewing enchanting seascape drawings for sale online.
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