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Sold at Auction: F. E. Jamieson

Alias:Francis E JamiesonFrances E. Jamieson


Artist Francis E. Jamieson was born in England in 1895, but is celebrated for his depictions of Scotland. Traveling the country on vacation, Jamieson became inspired to reproduce the majesty of the mountainous Highlands territory and its many lochs. A prolific painter, Francis Jamieson sold enough paintings to become popular, and he was hired to detail furniture with his scenes. He was eventually forced to use pseudonyms to market his work, unbeknownst to his employers.The artist Francis E. Jamieson worked with oil and watercolor, but the majority of the Highland pieces were oil. F.E. Jamieson's landscapes for sale demonstrate his Victorian style, but the artwork's key features are multicolored skies bursting with light and power over gentle bodies of water. The images so appealed to the public that around 1920, Ajelli and Company of London reproduced them as postcards. Browse through majestic landscapes of the world online at Invaluable.
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