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Sold at Auction: Johan Laurentz Jensen

Alias:J. L. JensenJohan Laurents Jensen
FrüchtemalerFlower painterPainter


Born in 1800, Danish artist Johan Laurentz Jensen was a master of still-life oil painting. At the age of 14 he went to study at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen, and eventually became known as the father of Danish flower painting. Painter Johan Laurentz Jensen's eye for recreating natural light, realistic detail, and bold coloring in his finished florals lends truth to his work. Danish Crown Prince Fredrick was taken by artist Johan Jensen's talent, and sent him to the Royal Porcelain Manufacture at Sevres in Paris to learn to paint on ceramics. Many of Johan Jensen's still-life paintings are held in museums, including the Oldenburg and Copenhagen museums. Browse through incredible artwork by other artists when searching for >awe-inspiring still-life paintings online at Invaluable to add to your collection.
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