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Curtis Jere sculpture is produced by a company of sculptors and household metal artists whose work is both representational and abstract. Founded by Kurt (Curtis) Freiler and Jerry Fels in 1964, the company, C. Jere by Artisan House, produces timeless metal artwork that often hangs on walls or meticulously designed outdoor spaces. Their aim is to bring works of art within the grasp of ordinary people.

Sculptures from Curtis Jere capture different colors, tones, and themes that inspire creativity as collectors insert them into homes or commercial spaces. These abstract sculptures are intricately handcrafted using copper, steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Each artist at Curtis Jere brings their own talent, skill, and inspiration to the pieces they create. The C. Jere collection ranges from vintage pieces to items created in the 2000s, and these abstract sculptures for sale are much sought after by collectors.
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