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Sold at Auction: Tiefeng Jiang

Alias:T'ie-feng ChiangJiang TiefengJiang Tie-FengTie Feng Jiang


Born in China in 1938, artist Tiefeng Jiang is known as the founder of the Yunnan School of Painting. Tiefeng Jiang's paintings are brightly colored, abstract pieces that often include symbols and folklore of the Yunnan people and portraits of the nude female form. In 1966, two years after graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese government assigned him to create propaganda material, a job that brought him little joy.

Tiefeng Jiang's paintings include a large mural finished in 1980 for the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, which he completed just three years before he moved to the U.S. to teach art at the University of Southern California. The value of Tiefeng Jiang’s prints and paintings varies depending on popularity, acclaim, and age. Satisfy your need for exotic art by browsing galleries and online listings of tasteful nude paintings for sale.
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