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Liao Jichun (1902-1976)

Aliases: Chi Chun Liao; Jichun Liao

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  • Liao Jichun (Liao Chi-Chun) , 1902-1976 Tamshui 1958 oil on card paper


  • - Liao Jichun (Liao Chi-Chun) 1902-1976 , Ancient Castle in Spain oil on canvas

  • Liao Jichun (Liao Chi-Chun) , 1902-1976 Guan Ying Mountain oil on woodboard

Liao Jichun Biography

(b Fengyuan, Taiwan,1902; d Taipei, Taiwan, 1976) Taiwanese Painter. Liao Jichun's professional career began in 1927 after he graduated from Tokyo Fine Arts School. Like his contemporaries, as a predominant member of the first-generation Taiwanese oil painters, Liao was heavily influenced by the major Western art movements from the turn of the twentieth century; such as the Impressionism, Post-impressionism, Fauvism, and Abstractionism. Liao’s indispensable contribution to the development of modern painting in Taiwan lies in his mastery of colors. He was able to make the colors appears heavy and bulky, yet at the same time, light and bright. In 1962, Liao was invited by the United States State Department to visit its museums, galleries, universities, and to meet artists and critics. After his stay in the Untied States and his trip to Europe, Liao’s style changed remarkably. At the age of sixty, he broke the boundaries between various forms of paintings. For Liao, "it doesn't matter whether it’s abstract or representational, the most important issue is what there is to be expressed. The form of a painting is merely a medium to convey the mentality of the artist." (Credit: Sotheby’s, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Chinese Contemporary Art, April 8, 2006, Lot 627.)

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Looking for the value of an item? Visit our price data subscription page for options.

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 Liao Jichun (Liao Chi-Chun) , 1902-1976 Tamshui Guan-yin Mountain oil on board 
 , Liao Jichun, Click for value View Details
  • LIAO CHI-CH'UN (LIAO JICHUN, TAIWAN,   ANCIENT CASTLE IN SPAIN, Liao Jichun, Click for value View Details

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