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Jasper Johns' abstract paintings, most famously of flags, paved the way for Pop Art and Minimalism. As a child in 1930s Georgia, he had no outlet for his artistic ambitions, so after a brief time at the University of South Carolina, he left for New York. There he became interested in Dadaist artist Marcel Duchamp's idea of displaying found items in museums. Jasper Johns' paintingsof the Ame rican flag were first exhibited in 1958, with the Museum of Modern Art purchasing three paintings.

Other subject matter of Jasper Johns' abstract paintings includes targets, numbers, and mass-produced items, such as beer cans. Meaning, he believed, existed in the process of creating art or in the work's mere existence. Often considered a bridge between Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, Jasper Johns' artwork evolved over his lifetime, with later work becoming more autobiographical. View other artists' collectible abstract prints for sale at Invaluable.
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