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Sold at Auction: Frank Hans Johnston

Alias:Franz Hans JohnstonFrancis Hans Johnston
Landscape painterIllustrator


Canadian artist Frank Hans Johnston helped found the Group of Seven in 1920; these were artists who focused primarily on painting national landscapes. A master of oil, watercolor, and tempera, Johnston wanted to expand his technique and subject matter, and broke from the group a year later. Shack in the Woods, his 1940 painting of a small cottage in a sunny, snow-blanketed forest, was a frequently recreated Frank Hans Johnston print.

Frank Hans Johnston's prints also include a series based on paintings commissioned in 1917 by the Canadian War Memorials, and these paintings depict Canadian pilots training before deployment. Impressionist-style paintings of Canada's landscapes, quaint country scenes, and lush meadows are repeating subjects in Frank Hans Johnston's paintings for sale. Grab your piece of natural history by buying a breathtaking landscape painting at auction or online.
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