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British artist Deborah Jones grew up in Bristol, before moving to London where she established herself. As her popularity grew, she began exhibiting her work around the United Kingdom and Europe. Eventually,  oil painter Deborah Jones came to America where she also gained success. Frank Sinatra was a collector, and in 1973, Cary Grant purchased every piece in her London show. In addition to being a beloved artist, Deborah Jones designed for the British Film Studio and theaters in London's West End. While working in her Bath studio in 1987, she sketched a bear which was used by Andrew Brownsword for his greeting card business. Hallmark bought the company, hired Jones, and expanded the much loved Forever Friends Bear brand. Her love of whimsical teddy bears and dolls is evident in Deborah Jones' still life paintings for sale.  Enjoy the rich, vibrant colors of antique and vintage oil paintings for sale online.
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