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Sold at Auction: Leighton Jones

Alias:Barry Leighton JonesBarry Leighton JonesBarry Leighton-Jones


Barry Leighton-Jones, artist and illustrator, was born in London in 1932. As the descendant of a president for the Royal Academy of Arts, Leighton-Jones demonstrated a familial aptitude for painting when he won an art contest at the young age of 5. After several years of study at both Sidcup School of Art and Brighton College, Leighton-Jones enjoyed success in Britain's art scene. Indeed, prints by Leighton-Jones, with their blend of realistic subjects and impressionistic backgrounds, always commanded attention and praise.

It wasn't until 1985, however, that artist Leighton-Jones found his career-defining subject when the family of Emmett Kelly, a famous clown, commissioned him. The outcome was a series of memorable paintings that deftly captured the tragicomic lives of clowns. As a result of lucrative licensing agreements, Leighton-Jones paintings for sale are widely available. Find your own modern portrait prints for sale at auction to enliven your collection.
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