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Sold at Auction: Margaret Kane

Alias:Margaret BrasslerMargaret Brassler Kane


American artist Margaret Brassler Kane was born in East Orange, New Jersey in 1909. After a brief time in art school, she studied with sculptor John Hovannes. Her upbringing in New Jersey later lent inspiration for Margaret Kane's sculptures, and her pieces Harlem Dancers and Refugees depict the social climate of the time.

Margaret Kane's sculptures for sale are primarily done in marble, plaster, or wood; later in life she did create some bronze pieces. In 1939, artist Margaret Kane successfully exhibited several pieces at the World’s Fair, garnering praise and demand for her art. During the 40s, Kane received many awards for her intricate, thought-provoking sculptures. Buy a piece that tells your story by viewing breathtaking sculptures for sale online by other talented artists.
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