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Hubert Kaplan was born in 1940 in Munich. In his father's craft business, he first learned the profession of upholsterer and later completed an apprenticeship as a decorative painter. Soon, however, Kaplan's desire for artistic expression became lively and he studied art painting at the Munich Academy. On his study trips he visited Greece, Italy, France, Africa and Mexico followed.

Hubert Kaplan's artistic form of expression is inspired by the Alte Münchner Schule of the 19th century, which included painters such as Schleich and Lier. Kaplan mainly paints the landscape of his Bavarian painting. His style is characterized by a natural realism with an inimitable degree of sophistication that meets the desire of many art lovers for contemplative romance and idyll.

Hubert Kaplan is equally popular in Germany and abroad, his paintings are presented to a wide audience in numerous exhibitions and museums. In 1981 Kaplan received the 1st prize in the competition "Bavarian painters paint Bavaria".
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