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Sold at Auction: Carl (1865) Kauba

Alias:Carl (1865) Kauba


Artist Carl Kauba is considered one of the greatest depictors of the Old West. Carl Kauba sculptures capture the adventure and essence of the American West. Born the son of an Austrian shoe cobbler in 1865, Kauba was inspired as a boy by the Wild West adventure stories he read and began collecting historical photographs and artifacts from that time. He found his passion sculpting bronze after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Known for their portrayal of Native Americans, cowboys, and calvary, Carl Kauba sculptures are rich with detail right down to the reins, weapons, and headdresses.

Kauba is also well known for his Naughties, a vintage series of mechanical, avant-garde sculptures. Find Carl Kauba bronze sculptures for sale alongside other rare bronze sculptures at Invaluable
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