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Sold at Auction: Angelica Kauffmann

Alias:Maria Anna Angelika Kaufmann
PainterEtcherMiniature painterPorträtmalerHistorical-scenes painter


Artist Angelica Kauffman was considered an accomplished portraitist at an early age, with church bishops and nobles as the majority of her subjects. Her father, a well-regarded muralist, trained her, and she traveled as his assistant. A notable period in her training was the three years she spent in Italy where she visited galleries and copied the works of the Italian masters.

During her 17 years in London, artist Angelica Kauffmann was influenced by Sir Joshua Reynolds and his unique portraitist style. With her favorable reception by the royal family, she became one of the two women founders of, and an exhibitor at, the Royal Gallery.

Because she preferred working as a history painter, Angelica Kauffman moved back to Rome during the early 1780s. Angelica Kauffman portraits have been highly sought after for centuries. Admirers of historical paintings and portraiture will find a wide selection of vintage and contemporary portraits for auction or for sale through Invaluable.
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