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Sold at Auction: Steve Kaufman

Alias:Steven Alan Kaufman


Artist Steve Kaufman epitomized pop culture during his short life, producing a prodigious array of artwork. More than that, he was a humanitarian who arranged art auctions for a variety of causes. Steve Kaufman's art for sale has benefited homeless people, AIDS patients, 911 victims and first responders, and inner-city youth, among many others.

Artist Steve Kaufman was integral to Warhol’s The Factory, particularly in perfecting silkscreen techniques. Steve Kaufman prints are highly prized for their vivid colors, many of them hand embellished, and for subject matter ranging from the sublime to the whimsical. He is particularly known for his Comic Book Pop Art superheroes, as well as his portraits of pop icons.

Kaufman’s silkscreen prints have been widely available for public viewing at venues ranging from museums to high-end casinos. You can find comparable contemporary silkscreen prints for sale online at Invaluable to enhance your personal collection.
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