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Artist Emmett Kelly is best known as the creator of Weary Willie, a character who reinvented the typical clown. Kelly left Houston, Missouri, and moved to Kansas City in 1919, carrying little with him except his portfolio of drawings. Emmett Kelly's artwork of Weary Willie features a man with a scruffy beard, torn denim overalls, regular hat, and somber face. In 1937, Kelly joined the Bertram Mills Circus where Weary Willie made his debut and was well received.

The success of artist Emmett Kelly's Weary Willie portrayal garnered him movie roles, figurines based on his likeness, and a spot with Ringling Brothers' Barnum and Bailey Circus. Figurines and movies depicting the life of Weary Willie, along with prints of Emmett Kelly in character, continue to delight fans of clown memorabilia. Purchase amazing figures and figurines for sale online and at auction to liven up your gallery. 
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