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Sally Kimp is a sculptor from the Pacific Northwest, born in the panhandle of North Idaho. She developed a great love of the outdoors and the simple beauty of nature, and she spent her youth sketching and painting. It was through a night pottery class that Sally discovered and fell in love with clay. She began sculpting Native American people in clay, portraying aspects of everyday life.

In 1987, she moved to Arizona and combined her love of Native American culture and her art. Working in bronze, Sally portrays indigenous people, including the Navajo and Hopi from the area. The serene, fluid lines of her bronze sculptures reflect the inner essence of her subjects, each one expressing a silent story. Her signature patina is a rich terra cotta.

Sally Kimp’s sculpture has gained critical acclaim and can be found in national and international private and public collections. She was included in Southwest Art Magazine's Top Ten Sculptors in 2000 and has won awards in regional and national juried competitions.

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