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Contemporary artist Robert Kipniss works in oils, lithographs, pastels, and mezzotints. He is known for his rendering of trees, cottage-style exteriors and interiors, and countrysides. Robert Kipniss' paintings in oils are nearly colorless, focusing on light and shadow and portraying each subject in stark contrasts that make the entire piece somber, sometimes lonely, evoking deeper reflection.

He creates depth while also reducing foreshortening, yielding scenes that seemingly float. Each part of artist Robert Kipness' work has equal billing. Despite solitary trees dominating his canvases, they’re never the focal point of his work.

Robert Kipniss' prints for sale include hand-signed, limited-edition, and artist proof lithos and mezzotints. He has held more than 200 one-man exhibits, and some of his landscapes are exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago. If you're interested in other eclectic and traditional landscape prints for sale, browse Invaluable.
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