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Artist Peter Kitchell learned creativity and design from his architect parents. He studied under Rolf Penn, who was of the Bauhaus school that combined fine art and practical application. As a young man in the 1970s, Kitchell embraced his wanderlust by painting his way through Western Europe and Northern Africa. Though he eventually settled in America, he continues to travel and find inspiration for his artwork.

Peter Kitchell prints and posters gained popularity during the 1980s, and gallery shows quickly followed. The works of artist Peter Kitchell are on view in prestigious corporate collections, including Stanford University, Bank of America, and IBM. The use of shapes and colors define his work, and his abstract influences are apparent. He has also forayed into digital mediums. Invaluable offers many comparable abstract lithographs for sale at auction, so browse them at your leisure to find exactly what you like.
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