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Born in Switzerland in 1879, artist Paul Klee was a gifted musician to whom, at age 11, the Bern Music Association extended an invitation. His interests turned to art in his teens, and in 1898, he began studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Influenced by his love of music and German Expressionist art, he believed art should express the metaphysical. His 1914 journey to Tunisia proved the catalyst that pushed him toward abstract paintings, with his art emphasizing shapes and color.

Beginning in 1921, artist Paul Klee spent 10 years teaching at the Bauhaus and two years at Dusseldorf. Expressionism art proved his escape from the traumas of World War II, and Paul Klee's artwork is often colorful, vibrant, and thought-provoking. Returning to Switzerland in 1933, he experienced a burst of creativity before his death in 1940. Paul Klee's art for sale is highly respected for its emphasis on the subconscious, mystical, and psychological, and still influences today's artists. Invite lively conversation by adding vibrant vintage abstract paintings to your growing collection.
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