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Sold at Auction: Catharina Klein

Alias:Catherine Klein
FrüchtemalerFlower painterStill life painterPainterWater color painter


Catharina Klein (b. 1861, Eylau, East Prussia - d. 1929, Berlin, Germany) is also known as Catherine Klein. Her name was Anglicized during WWI to avoid any disinclination to buy her work. She is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Christine". Her signature is "C.Klein" and usually accompanies her work, especially in those postcards and prints closest to the original paintings which were in oil or gouache, an opaque watercolor paint. If her signature is underlined, it?s an indication of an earlier work. She rode the crest of chromolithography at the end of the 19th and into the 20th Century. Catharina Klein was born in 1861 in Eylau in East Prussia (what is now a Russian province called Kallinigrad which is actually separated by the Baltic States from Mainland Russia).
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