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Dutch artist Joseph Klibansky was born in 1984 in Cape Town, but the family soon moved to Amsterdam. Since his teens, his fascination with the artistic potential of digital art fueled his creative drive. His technique of merging hundreds of computer enhanced images into compositions using acrylics and other mediums is the basis of his art movement, New Media Collage. Joseph Klibansky's paintings for sale are composed of between 300 and 600 personal photographs, allowing the the viewer to discover images and meaning not apparent at first glance. 

The works of artist Joseph Klibansky delve into phenomenology, the study of perception. A seemingly Utopian work may upon closer inspection reveal a Dystopian world. In addition to his paintings, Joseph Klibansky's sculptures are used to fully establish themes in his exhibitions. Reflections of Truth explores greed through a polished bronze Pinocchio. Discover collectible mixed media art for sale online and at auction.
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