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Sold at Auction: Anthony Klitz

Alias:Tony KlitzAnthony Robert Klitz


Muted, blurry scenes, hazy city lighting, and small figures and buildings describe the Impressionist-style work of artist Anthony Klitz. The London-born Irish artist used oil on canvas to depict his views of the city of London, and Anthony Kiltz's Big Ben paintings capture the easy grace of London effortlessly. Although intending to become an architect, Klitz studied at Cheltenham Art School where his passion for art triumphed, but his training in architecture fed into his paintings of a variety of famous structures.

Anthony Kiltz's original paintings of London were first exhibited in the 1950s and received critical acclaim. His final years were lived in Ireland where he continued to paint. The numerous works of artist Anthony Klitz can be viewed internationally and collectors can find examples of his work alongside other contemporary cityscape paintings for sale online.
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