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Sold at Auction: Henriette Ronner

Alias:Henriette Ronner-KnipAlice Emma Henriette KnipHenriëtte KnipAlice Emma Henriette RonnerHenriette RonnerHenriette Ronner-Knipp
Genre PainterAnimal painterPainterWater colorist


Dutch artist Henriette Ronner, born in 1821, trained under her artist father for a time, but was primarily self-taught. Her favorite subjects, and those most prominent in Henriette Ronner's prints, are detailed images of farm animals, such as cattle, birds, horses, cats, and dogs. She used the same gouache method that her father used, which consisted of mixing a thick gummy paste with watercolors to lessen their transparency.

Henriette Ronner's painting prices grew steadily, but she lived modestly despite her new wealth; which increased through commissioned paintings of the royal dogs for the Queen of Belgium and other various nobles. Artist Henriette Ronner switched from painting dogs to painting cats, after she adopted a stray and was intrigued by its personality and feline movement. Buy incredible rare animal paintings for sale online that pet lovers of all ages can enjoy.
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