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Sold at Auction: George Sheridan Knowles

Alias:G. Sheridan Knowles
Genre PainterIllustratorWater colorist


George Sheridan Knowles was born in Manchester, 25 November 1863, and died in London on 15 Mar. 1931. A British oil painter and watercolorist who produced genre and historical subject matter – largely images of times and people then long gone by ( historic costumed figural imagery). This was popular with Victorians in the era of romantic nostalgia. Knowles studied at the Manchester School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools. His works were both academic and nostalgic. They were also filled with lively colors and a light touch of the brush adopted from impressionism. In 1885, Knowles was living in London while displaying his works in all the major exhibitions. He became a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, the Royal Institute of Painters in Oil Colours, the Royal Cambrian Academy, as well as the Royal Society of British Artists. His works are represented in many British public collections.
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