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Sold at Auction: Käthe Kollwitz

Alias:Käthe Ida SchmidtKaethe KollwitzKäthe KollwitzKäthe SchmidtKathe Kollowitz


Kathe Kollwitz was a prominent female artist in the male-dominated late 19th and early 20th centuries art scene. Kathe Kollwitz's artwork focused on women and working class people. Her expressionism art didn't shy away from sensitive topics, and Kathe Kollwitz's drawings covered grief, war, and other emotionally charged themes. Having experienced her own grief over the loss of her son during WWI, Kollwitz channeled her emotions into her art and created a legacy of moving works. 

Kathe Kollwitz's artwork documented her life in conjunction with diaries and letters. She was a compassionate artist not contained to one medium; she created paintings, sculptures, etching prints, woodcuts, and more. You can find Kathe Kollwitz's prints around the globe, as her influence reached international audiences subsequent to WWI. Peruse work from this artist as well as other etchings for sale on Invaluable.
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