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Taking banal, ephemeral objects and rendering them substantial works of art made Jeff Koons one of America's most famous contemporary artists. With the art world divided on his genius, his fans and collectors are not. With iconic Jeff Koons' artworks like Michael Jackson and Bubbles (1988), Puppy (1992), and Balloon Dog (Orange) (1994-2000), his importance in contemporary art and American culture is firm. Jeff Koons' sculptures are described as allegorical with psychological dimensions that question popular culture, consumerism, sex, taste, and pleasure.

Artist Jeff Koons studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His rise to fame began in 1980s New York, where he mostly works, and he has established an institute combating the exploitation of children. He's best known for his large, shiny sculptures of kitschy collectables, ornaments, and toys. Make a statement and express yourself with quirky, bold contemporary sculptures from Invaluable.
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