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Sold at Auction: Cornelius Krieghoff

Alias:C. KrieghoffCornelius Krieghoff
PainterGenre PainterPorträtmaler


Dutch artist Cornelius Kreighoff (b.1815) immigrated to North America when he was 22. The indigenous people of America and Canada were often the subject of Cornelius Keighoff's paintings, and they included details of rural landscapes and traditional attire. By 1846, Cornelius Kreighoff's paintings were in demand and he had established himself as an artist in Canada.

Cornelius Kreighoff's prints are renderings of his meticulous oil paintings of racing sleds, hunting, fishing, and deep woods landscapes. Kreighoff did receive some criticism for his depictions of the natives being generic, but his love of indigenous culture and their bond with the land shows in his pieces. Cornelius Kreighoff's artworks for sale are an example of historical contemporary art and offer a glimpse into American and French-Canadian Indian life in the 1800s. Browse other first-rate landscape paintings for sale at galleries online and bring the outside world into the warmth of your home.
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