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Abstract artist Ram Kumar belongs to the early group of Progressives in post-colonial India. His formal education was in economics, but after seeing his first art exhibit in 1945 he had a complete change of heart, and soon after began to study art. While studying in Paris, he was inspired by the Social Realists Kathe and Fourgenon and became interested in the peace movement. Early themes in artist Ram Kumar's abstract paintings for sale involve his interest in the human condition, especially the phenomenon of human isolation and despair in crowded cities. Through the years, Ram Kumar's artistic motif has moved from hopeless city settings to country landscapes. Yet his abstract landscapes portray both a delight in nature and the growing violence of humanity. Kumar's work garners high demand, with The Vagabond (1956) selling for over one million dollars. Feel the intense emotional pull of modern and contemporary abstract paintings at auction and online.
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