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Sold at Auction: Kunisada (1786)

Alias: Bukiyō Matahei Fubō Sanjin Fubōsanjin Fuchō Fuchōan Gepparō Gototei Toyokuni Hanabusa Ittei Hokubaiko Ichiyōsai Ichiyūsai Kachōrō Kameïdo Toyokuni Kinraisha Kōchōrō Kunisada Kunisada (1786) Sanjin ShōzōToyokuni Sumida Shôzô Tōjuën Toyokuni (2) Toyokuni (3) Tsunoda Kunisada Utagawa Kunisada (1)Kunisada Utagawa


Japanese artist and printer Kunisada was born in the Honjo district of Edo (now Tokyo) in 1786. Showing extraordinary promise at an early age, he was sent to study under the esteemed artist, Toyokuni, one of the great masters of the renowned Utagawa school of woodblock artists.

Kunisada's print work exhibits the essence of the Utagawa school, concentrating on classical subjects including kabuki theater, actors, and erotic prints of young women. In 1807, Kunisada enjoyed overnight success at the Utagawa school. Honoring the name of his esteemed teacher, he began to sign his prints Toyokuni III. Kunisada prints for sale in the ukiyo-e style are highly sought out by admirers of his intricate woodcut prints. Bring a piece of traditional Japanese art into your home and purchase collectible artwork and vintage woodcut prints offered online and at auction.
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