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William Kurelek Art for Sale at Auction

Painter, b. 1927 - d. 1997

Depression-era struggle, life on the farm, and his own battle with mental illness were reoccurring themes in artist William Kurelek's drawings. Kurelek escaped the turmoil that existed in his mind through his artwork. In 1946, he attended post-secondary studies at the University of Manitoba, and during this time, William Kurelek's drawings began to focus on visual descriptions of sorrow, despair, heaven, and hell.

In 1952, he traveled to England for psychiatric treatment, and while in the hospital, he continued to paint, encouraged by one of his nurses to hone his talent. William Kurelek paintings for sale often have apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic themes, inspired by his newfound faith and preoccupation with the biblical end of days. Purchase works by other unconventional artists by browsing thought-provoking impressionist and modern drawings for sale at Invaluable.

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