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Ora Lahav-Shaaltiel


Ora Lahav-Shaaltiel, Israeli, 1936-2017

Ora Lahav-Shaaltiel was born in 1936 on Kibbutz Mizra. In the 1950s she studied art with Zvi Meirovitch and Marcel Janco in Oranim. In 1956 she joined the Ein Hod Artists Village. In 1957 she joined the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association. Between the years 1967-2017 she conducted a lithographic workshop in Ein Hod. In addition, she established art trends at the Yemin Orde Youth Village in Haifa. She wrote the poetry books "The Dove and the Song" (1986), and also authored a book and a curriculum on "Paper and Prints Throughout History" (1998) for the Ministry of Education and Culture. Between 1986 and 2014, she was a partner in organizing exhibitions of paper artists in Israel, Her husband was artist Yosef Shaltiel.

The Lahav-Shaltiel’s main body of work was in the art of the print. Her works, which use varied techniques such as lithograph, etching and woodcut, are a figurative in nature, emphasizing the feminine-feminist point of view. Among her works are several books of poetry, such as "Mishar: Etchings and Words of Poetry" (1986) and "The Dying Dove" (1974). In many of the prints, Shaaltiel made use of recycled paper, or handmade paper, another area in which she dealt.

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