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Sold at Auction: Charles Vincent Lamb

Alias:Charles Lamb
Figure painterPainter


Lamb was an Irish painter and teacher, born in Portadown, Armagh, Northern Ireland. At first he followed his father’s trade as a house painter. He studied at the local Technical School but began attending evening classes at the Belfast School of Art. He gained a scholarship to Dublin’s Metropolitan School of art which he attended between 1917-21. Here he won gold and silver medals. He settled in Carraroe, County, Galway, where he became noted for his studies of peasant life. In the mid-1930s he built a house at Carraroe where he ran a summer painting school. He traveled extensively throughout Ireland. In the ‘20’s he traveled by horseback through West of Ireland, painting and visiting Carraroe on the coast of Galway Bay. He worked in the North from the early 1940s onward. Lamb also painted in Brittany, picturing Breton fishermen and peasants. Lamb became a member of the RHA and RUA and exhibited throughout Ireland as well as abroad. In 1932 his works were included in the Olympic Art Exhibition, Los Angeles. He had an exhibition in Belfast in 1947, and a memorial show in 1969 in the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art. Examples of paintings by Lamb are owned by most Irish public museums.
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