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b. 1954 -

Artist Wilfred Lang is a contemporary painter who started creating art at the age of 7. He's known for his powerful fusion of pure abstract art and abstract realism. Lang achieved a stylistic niche that shifts from vibrant still-life and landscape paintings, largely in oil, to muted, pastel-hued cityscapes, chiefly in acrylics. Wilfred Lang's artwork for sale has become highly desirable because it's immediately identifiable as his own.

While artist Wilfred Lang's pure abstract work still reveals structural definition, his cityscapes, many of the New York City skyline, have more fluid form, particularly when juxtaposed against the skyline's reflection in water. Each painting is unique in its contrast, including the application of opposing hues to depict light and space. Wilfred Lang's paintings in shifting abstract form are shown widely at galleries. Many other award-winning abstract paintings for sale at auction display the progressive temperament of this contemporary movement.

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