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Sold at Auction: Maggie Laubser

Alias:Maria Magdalena Laubser
PainterWood cutter


South African artist Maggie Laubser (b.1886) was a progressive painter, and is still considered one of South Africa's most treasured artists. She studied at Slade School in London, learning Modernism techniques from Henry Tonk and Ambrose McEvoy. Delicate floral pieces, rich landscapes, and portraits of African and Indian men are coveted most among Maggie Laubser's paintings for sale.

Artist Maggie Laubser became a member of the South African Society of Artists in 1907; later, in 1910 her painting Hibiscus would be exhibited with them. In 1924, she permanently returned to Africa and developed her own style of painting farm life and landscapes, which became signature in Maggie Laubser's artwork. Browse through exceptional still-life paintings online to liven up your gallery with a majestic landscape or beautiful portrait. 
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