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Sold at Auction: Thomas (1769) Lawrence

Alias:Thomas LawrenceThomas (1769) Lawrence
Portrait painterMiniature painter


Artist Thomas Lawrence, 18th century England's preeminent portrait artist, had humble beginnings as an innkeeper's son. Despite his lack of education, Lawrence was an art prodigy who ably sketched faithful portraits of the inn's guests. In 1787, his talent led him to London's Royal Academy where, at the age of 18, Lawrence began his formal training as a painter. Two short years later, Thomas Lawrence's paintings had garnered such a reputation that Queen Charlotte commissioned him to paint her portrait. 

Thomas Lawrence's portraits are characterized by their accomplished brushstrokes, colors, and textures, but it was Thomas Lawrence the artist, with his refined manner and flare for the dramatic, that secured his position as the preferred portrait artist of the aristocracy. Collectors can find other classic portrait paintings for sale at auction and online by browsing Invaluable.
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