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Californian-born artist and painter Jack Laycox, after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley, San Francisco, landed a job producing technical illustrations for the Atomic Energy Commission. During the mid 20th century, Laycox's professional career entailed drawing commercial illustrations for the Donald Art Company.

Laycox exhibited at the galleries of the Western Artists in San Francisco and the American Watercolor Society, and his watercolor paintings showcased at The Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. In Japan, artist Jack Laycox artworks are exhibited as prime examples of Contemporary American Art. Laycox was repeatedly brought in to be an art juror and often sought out to give lectures. Jack Laycox cityscape paintings for sale also include vintage travel posters from the 1970s. Find valuable cityscapes online, and delight in the spectacular views of dazzling American downtown areas.
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