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Sold at Auction: Elisabeth-Louise Vigee le Brun

Alias:Elisabeth Vigee-LebrunElisabeth LebrunMarie Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le BrunElisabeth-Louise Vigée Le BrunElisabeth Vigée-LebrunElisabeth-Marie-Louise Vigée-LebrunMarie Louise Elisabeth Vigée-LebrunMarija-Luiza-Elisabeta Viže-Lebren


French artist Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun, herself the child of an artist, was destined for success. In addition to her skill, which she exhibited from childhood, her beauty and attitude had patrons from all parts of Europe clamoring for Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun's paintings, sometimes waiting as long as a year for the privilege. Her portraits glow with life. She was inducted into the Royal Academy at age 28 and was considered a prodigy. Because of Le Brun's connections as a Court artist, she was forced to go into exile from France between 1789 and 1805.

Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun's paintings and artwork for sale reflect a joie de vivre, whether you're seeing one of her many portraits of the French royal family, especially Marie Antoinette and her children, or self-portraits of her and her daughter. Buy rare antique portrait paintings at Invaluable to delight your guests.
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