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Sold at Auction: Benjamin Williams Leader

Alias:B. W. LeaderB. Williams LeaderBenjamin Williams
Landscape painter


Artist Benjamin Williams Leader was a Victorian-era painter whose primary subject was English landscapes. His subjects ranged from riversides at dusk to country scenes of quaint homesteads or churches. He began his career working as an engineer, but after much persistence on his part, his father let him pursue his art. Benjamin Williams Leader's paintings show his attention to detail, love of bright colors, and clever techniques when capturing natural light.

In 1889, Benjamin Williams Leader's painting In the evening it shall be light won the gold medal in France at the Exposition Universalle. Occasionally, he would paint two versions of the same painting with tiny changes to the second piece, which is a point of interest to look for when viewing Benjamin Williams Leader's artwork for sale. Buy noteworthy landscape pieces for sale online to add to your private gallery.
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