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Sold at Auction: Paul Emile Lecomte

Alias:Paul Émile LecomtePaul-Emile Lecomte
Naval painterLandscape painterEtchercopperplate engraverWater color painter


Born in 1877, Parisian artist Paul Emile Lecomte was the son of renowned landscape painter Paul Lecomte, who began teaching his son from an early age. Because of his artistic promise, painter Paul Emile Lecomte was later accepted into the École des Beaux-Arts where he studied under portraitist and history painter Fernand Cormon. Lecomte eventually combined the training from his father with the new approaches of the time to Impressionism, and his works were featured in prestigious galleries like the Paris Salon. Collectible works by artist Paul Emile Lecomte feature scenes of seascapes and harbors, and Lecomte even became an official painter for the French Navy Ministry. Paul Emile Lecomte maritime paintings for sale usually feature flowing brushstrokes and thickly layered paint, the artist's signature style. Bring a bit of the sea to your own home by viewing collectible maritime and marine paintings available at auction.
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