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Wee Lee is an award-winning nature artist. He studied Chinese brush painting at the Oriental Art School in Saigon before moving to Canada in 1978 and his technique combines Western realism with Oriental brushwork.

He is inspired by the changing weather and ever evolving living nature. His latest style of painting is intended to capture the sensation of a moment in the wind, in flight, in motion and more. Considered another concept of East meets West, these paintings reflect traditional Oriental compositions and fluid movement of brushstrokes with contemporary techniques of applying pigment squeezed directly from the tube to create a repetitive pattern. These texturally rich canvases present layers of paint, the shine of metallic color and motions of brushstrokes all to create an atmosphere of a moment in time.

In addition to his active exhibition record, Wee Lee has painted dioramas for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and murals for the City of Moose Jaw and for the Town of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.
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