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Filipino artist Cesar Legaspi, born in 1917, is well known for his Cubism-style paintings that unabashedly broach difficult social subjects and reveal the injustice of poverty. After studying at the University of the Philippines School of Fine Arts, painter Cesar Legaspi went on to study at the Parisian Academie Ranson under celebrated artist Henri Bernard Goetz. Legaspi then began his career as an art director before delving into full-time painting.

With paintings ranging from realistic portrayals of beggars and workers to abstract Modernist nude forms, artist Cesar Legaspi's work is celebrated in the art world, and is still preserved in the National Museum of the Philippines. Cesar Legaspi nude paintings for sale are an excellent example of his ability to use geometric forms to convey compelling social messages. Art appreciators can generate powerful discussions by viewing many contemporary nude paintings available online.
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