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Sold at Auction: Maurice Legendre

Alias:Maurice Louis Legendre


Artist Maurice Legendre is known for his cityscapes and scenes of important landmarks of London, Paris, and the French Riviera. In 1954, he won the Blumenthal prize for art, and after studying under sculptor Marcel Grimond, received the Brantome prize for sculpture in 1965. Sculptures like his Sacre, made in the pate de verre method of glass casting, are representative of his work.

Artist Maurice Legendre's prints of city scenes and landmarks, such as Notre Dame de Square Viviani and Eiffel Tower, are popular examples of his work. His use of silver gray in his Paris winter scenes, vibrant colors in pieces such as La Madeline Flower Market in Paris, and his work in sculpture, reflect the diversity of artwork for sale by Maurice Legendre. Collectors may view other lithographs offered online and at auction when seeking out their next piece of art.
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