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Sold at Auction: Annie Leibovitz

Alias:Anna-Lou Leibovitz


Annie Leibovitz' photography consists of some of the most visually arresting work of this century. Her subjects include heads of state, celebrities, and ordinary people. Annie Leibovitz' famous photos include her photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, taken just hours before Lennon's death, and her photo of a very pregnant, nude Demi Moore. 

Leibovitz set the bar for portrait photography when she began as a staff photographer at Rolling Stone in 1970. She continued raising the bar with her move to Vanity Fair in 1983. She has published 12 books of photographs, highlighting every phase of her career. Annie Leibovitz' photography is noted for the intimate portrayal of its subjects. The Library of Congress has named her as a living legend for her work and her innovative use of lighting. Those liking Annie Leibovitz prints will find a wide array of portrait photography available at Invaluable from other talented photographers.
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